Dominic Miller


Dominic Miller

With the talented Mr Fiszman in our van on our way to Bursa.

Dominic Miller

Just saw a killer debut gig with Miles Bould's USONIC band at the @606club here in London.

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Hi everyone, especially my friends in Asia,

We're coming! I'm packing my bags, changing guitar strings, practicing, and generally getting psyched about this tour. I'm so excited about these dates, starting in Vietnam. I'm bringing an incredible band with me: Rhani Krija on percussion, Nicolas Fiszman on bass and Jason Rebello on piano and keyboards. We're going to really give you the best music we have. Everyone in on top form and we are all feeling very positive about this trip. We really want to meet you, so don't be shy, come up to us. Let's make some selfies :)

To my loyal friends and fans around the world who can't be there, you will be with us in spirit and we are working on coming to a place near you.

Let's do it!