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How I came to play with certain artists and musicians can be traced back to recognising or having an instinct for opportunities when they have been in front of me. I don't mind saying this is what I am most proud of. Being invited in the mid eighties by percussionist Miles Bould to collaborate together on some demos was one such opportunity which proved to be an important one. This led to him recommending me to play on Julia Fordham's album "Porcelain" (1988), produced by Hugh Padgham. He would go on to produce Phil Collins' album "But Seriously" which was the best selling album of the year ('89/'90) and included the world-wide hit "Another Day in Paradise". Hugh invited me to play on this album which got me noticed by many artists and producers including Sting who I have been working with ever since. I have recorded every album Sting has produced since "The Soul Cages". I have performed over one thousand concerts with him since 1990, spanned over five world tours. He is perhaps the most influential artist to my career and certainly the one I have been with the most. The most significant thing I have learnt from Sting is the importance or quest for growth as a musician. This is why I am still a student of music and my fascination for different genres and disciplines never wavers. I don't see the need to name any more names. These can be found in various discographies on my career. But the single most influential person in my career would have to be my sister Julie who got me started on the guitar when I was very young.

Solo/Duo Albums

First Touch [1995] Buy Now
Second Nature [1999] Buy Now
New Dawn [with Neil Stacey] [2002] 

Shapes [2003] 
Third World [2004] Buy Now
Fourth Wall [2006] Buy Now

Heartbeats [compilation, Japan-release] Buy Now
In A Dream [with Peter Kater] [2009] Buy Now
November [2010] Buy Now
5th House [2012] Buy Now
ad hoc [2014] Buy Now
First Touch (20th Anniversary Edition) [2015] Buy Now

With Sting 

The Soul Cages [1991]
Acoustic Live In Newcastle [1991]
Ten Summoner's Tales [1993]
Mercury Falling [1996]
Brand New Day [1999]
...All This Time [2001]
Sacred Love [2003]
If On A Winter's Night... [2009]
Symphonicities [2010]
Sting - Live in Berlin [2010]
Sting - 25 years [2011]
Sting - The Last Ship [2013]

Selected work with other artists...

 Artist     Album
 Steve Campbell     Same [1987]
 Level 42     Staring At The Sun [1988]
 Mark Hollis     Mark Hollis [1988]
 Julia Fordham     Porcelain [1989]
 King Swamp     King Swamp [1989]
 Phil Collins     But Seriously [1989]
 King Swamp     Wiseblood [1990]
 Mike Lindup     Changes [1990]
 Paul Young     Other Voices [1990]
 The Pretenders     Packed [1990]
 Julia Fordham     Swept [1991]
 Level 42     Guaranteed [1991]
 Manu Katché     It's About Time [1991]
 Eddi Reader     Mirmama [1992]
 Wild West (Movie)     [1992]
 Walter Wray     Steel Strings [1993]
 World Party     Bang [1993]
 Chuck Loeb     Simple Things [1994]
 Julia Fordham     Falling Forward [1994]
 Manu Dibango     Wakafrika [1994]
 Vinnie Colaiuta     Vinnie Colaiuta [1994]
 Xenia     Terre [1994]
 The Chieftains     Long Black Veil [1995]
 Eddi Reader     Candyfloss and Medicine [1996]
 Jimmy Nail     Crocodile Shoes II [1996]
 Mango     Come L'acqua [1996]
 Rick Wright     Broken China [1996]
 Tina Turner     Wildest Dreams [1996]
 Wendy Moten     Life's What You Make It [1996]
 Ar Rahman     Vande Mataram [1997]
 Beth Nielsen Chapman     Sand and Water [1997]
 Kami Lyle     Blue Cinderella [1997]
 Soraya     Wall Of Smiles [1997]
 William Topley     Black River [1997]
 Barbara Montgomery     Ask Me Now [1998]
 Billy Mann     Earthbound [1998]
 Boyzone     Where We Belong [1998]
 Carol Rowley     The River [1998]
 Jason Carter     Fragments of Grace [1998]
 John Tesh Project     Guitar By The Fire [1998]
 Miyazawa     Sixteenth Moon [1998]
 William Topley     Mixed Blessing [1998]
 Beverly Craven     Mixed Emotions [1999]
 Kim Richey     Glimmer [1999]
 Princess Erika     Tant qu'il y aura [1999]
 William Topley     Spanish Wells [1999]
 Alejandro Lerner     Si Quieres Saber Quien Soy [2000]
 Backstreet Boys     Millennium [2000]
 Blossom Dearie     Blossom's Planet [2000]
 Danny Paradise     River Of The Soul [2000]
 David Lanz     East Of The Moon [2000]
 Khadja Nin     Ya [2000]
 Soraya     Cuerpo y Alma [2000]
 Youssou N'Dour     Joko [2000]
 Chris Botti     Night Sessions [2001]
 Marc Lavoine     Marc Lavoine [2001]
 Ronan Keating     Ronan [2001]
 Gabin Dabiré     Tieru [2002]
 Regy Clasen     So Nah [2002]
 Lesley Garrett     The Singer [2003]
 Trijntje Oosterhuis     Oosterhuis [2003]
 Chris Botti     When I Fall In Love [2004]
 Connor Reeves     Earthbound [2004]
 William Topley     Sea Fever [2005]
 Gregg Kofi Brown     Together As One [2005]
 Kaori Muraji     Transformations [2005]
 Nils Wülker [2008]
 Wolfgang Haffner [2009/ 2012]
 Sarah Jane Morris [2009/ 2011]
 Nighthawks [2010]
 Katie Melua [2010]
 Eda Zari [2011]

Film Music

The River Why (feat. Zach Gilford, William Hurt) [2010]