"Hecho En Cuba” will be internationally launched on April 8th, 2016.

Order it online today and get the album at least two weeks before the official release date.

"Hecho En Cuba" is Dominic Miller's and Manolito Simonet's innovative new album featuring Dominic’s compositions, arranged in a brand new crossover salsa/ Latin American style. 
The nine tracks were recorded in Manolito’s studio in Havana, Cuba back in 2012 (Manolito is founder of the legendary salsa band "Manolito y su Trabuco”) and mixed in Tenerife, Spain in 2013.
"Hecho En Cuba" includes re-arranged classics like "Shape Of My Heart", "La belle dame sans regrets", "Lullaby to an anxious child", "Tokyo", "Embrace", "Chanson I", "La Boca" and a new composition by Manolito he calls "D'Pronto".
Here to tease you and please you is a pre-release version of "Lullaby To An Anxious Child”. Enjoy!